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How Do I Develop Better Diet & Exercise Habits?

Your body is a gift from God. You only get one. It is essential for you to take good care of this beautiful gift. The better you care for your body, the better it will treat you.

Step One – Make A Decision

The first thing you have to do is make a decision to be and do better. Everything starts with a choice. Just knowing you need to do better is not enough. You have to choose to make the necessary changes. Once you really do this, things will begin to fall in place.

Step Two – Have Specific Goals

Goals are essential. If you don’t know what you are trying to achieve, you are wasting your time. Your goals should be specific. For instance, how much weight do you want to lose? You can’t just say, “I want to lose some weight.” How fit do you want to be? How strongly do you want to be? How much energy do you want to have? These are crucial questions that must be answered. Goals give you specific targets to shoot for. Goals also let you know if you are missing the mark.

Step Three – Do Some Serious Research

Investigate the subject of diet and exercise. Get well educated about calories. Learn about the calories in various foods. Discover the ideal amount of calories you need each day. Consider ways to minimize sugar intake. Seek to understand carbohydrates better. Explore the effects of various types of food. Figure out the right mix for you of cardio vs. strength training. Both are important.

Step Four – Know Your Body Type

There are several body types. Your particular type determines the kind of diet that is best for you and the exercise program that will benefit you most.

Step Five – Develop A Winning Strategy

Once you know what you are trying to achieve, it’s time to develop a successful strategy to get you there. Exactly how many calories should you take in each day? What times should you eat each meal? What types of snacks should you eat? How often should you exercise? How many minutes should you exercise each time? These questions will help guide in the process and keep you on track. Most people should exercise at least 20-30 minutes, at least 3 times each week. From time to time, it is vital to change things up. After a while, your body will respond less to the same approaches. Be sure to consult your healthcare professional if you have any physical concerns or limitations. Follow their guidance.

Step Six – Have An Accountability Partner

It is always a good idea to have someone that will hold you to your commitments. Give this person permission to ask you tough questions and challenge you. Seek someone you really trust. Also, seek someone who is taking care of there own body.

Constantly Re-Evaluate Your Goals and Plans

As you progress in life, your desires and needs may change. It is imperative to reevaluate things every now and then. Adjust, as needed. This will keep things fresh.