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Invite The Bishop

Maximize the potential of your upcoming event by inviting Bishop G.E. Livingston to speak.


Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? Do you have a feeling that you were born for an important reason? Do you long to fulfill your destiny? Do you desire to experience the greatness that God has placed in you? If your answers are “yes,” then God Is Looking For Your Greatness is for you. In this compelling book, you will learn the essential tools you need to live your best life now.

In God Is Looking For Your Greatness, G.E. Livingston guides you through the process of discovery and development of your greatness. The greatness in you is yours, but it’s yours to share. Your greatness is meant to be a blessing to the people around you. By walking in your greatness, you will feel complete and thoroughly blessed. There will be no obstacle you cannot overcome. Power is released when purpose is fulfilled.